A Brief Note on Hitch Bike Rack

Hitch bike rack for two bikes is being preferred by most of the bile carries these days. These items have become very popular over the years, and there are good enough reasons for them to gain such popularity. You can derive numerous benefits from them, and at the same time they are cost effective. This article will provide a brief insight to the utilities yielded by hitch bike rack for two bikes. It would state how cost efficient they are and also about some of the top brands available in the market; for normal bike racks and also those who manufacture best hitch bike rack for two bikes.

Hitch bike rack for two bikes

Cycles carried at the top of the vehicles; this was a common sight until few years ago. However, the scenario has changed today. The sizes of the vehicles have become much bigger these days, so the bikers prefer to use a bike carrier, as it seems to be a far better and feasible option.

 Benefits of Bike Rack

One of the benefits of a bike rack is the fact that it allows you place your bike comfortably without going through much of physical labor. Earlier, biker had to lift their bikes off the ground above their head and then place them on top of the vehicle. With a bike rack, you can now simply attach your bike to the rear of the vehicle, fix it tightly, and you are done. Once you reached your destination, it is even easier to unlock your bike and to get it down. So, the bottom line is, it saves a lot of your time and energy.

Carrying a bike at the rear of your vehicle would ensure that it is safe and is not exposed to any kind of collision or damage, which is often the case when they are placed at the top of a vehicle. So, when it comes to ensuring the safety of your bike, a bike rack is your best option.

Another significant benefit of a bike rack is the fact that it won’t create a drag and cut your mileage down, which is the case when the bikes are carried on the roof top.

  • Few Brands

There has been a new introduction in the sphere of bike racks. These days, they can carry two bikes. There are many companies, which are manufacturing bike rack for two bikes; however, when it comes to the best hitch bike rack for 2 bikes, then you can count on three brands; which are:

  1. a) Saris
  2. b) Thule, and
  3. c) Yakima

Hitch bike rack for 2 bikes has become very popular in U.SA and in the European countries. They certainly yield lots of utilities and help protect your bike from any damage

Review of the best hitch bike rack

There no doubt that Yakima ForkLift is the best hitch bike rack in the market today. It’s been tested and approved by mountaineers and bikers all over the world, with most of them sharing the same opinion that it’s an excellent bracket. This apparatus makes use of a 9mm quick-release lever to hold bicycles into position as they are being transported.

best hitch bike rack


However, what makes it tick is the ability to clamp onto any kind of crossbar, including square, round and factory-standard crossbars. This feature allows the frame to be used on all types of vehicles, whether large, small or medium sized. It also eliminates the need to buy an extra crossbar system/tower if your car is naturally equipped with factory crossbars.

Furthermore, the quick release clamps of Yakima ForkLift sit high above the trays compared to other roof mounted racks, this allows for easy clearance of the disc brake calipers. Assembly can also be done fast and efficiently within a few minutes, given that directions are concisely written in the instructions manual.

Cross bar attachments have 3 available settings. The upper one is used for square and round bars while the lower two are for accommodating the car’s original set of racks. T-bolt systems with adjustable knobs pass through the apparatus and can easily be tightened with bare hands.


Yakima Forklift does extremely well when it comes to ease of use, the clamp can accommodate material dropouts of different thickness levels. Plus its rear wheel leash is simple to squeeze tight, so that your bike doesn’t fall off when driving through rough terrains. Once the forklifts are set to rest on the quick release spike, your cycle can be steadied with one hand as the clamp is evenly adjusted to attain a snug fit.

When it comes to durability, the Yakima Forklift is built to last for several years without breaking apart easily. It has a stiff and robust body that doesn’t bend easily even when pressure is applied. Other racks tend to lose strength and become brittle, especially when exposed to sunshine for extended periods of time. But this one has been made from treated plastic that doesn’t lose strength easily, even when the environmental conditions are unfavorable.

You’ll also appreciate that it has fewer moving parts, hence owners wouldn’t have to spend too much money on greasing. In matters durability there’s a hidden rule that says, the simple the better.

Safety features and application

Forklift is compatible with lock cores and when installed the rack becomes totally secure. No one can creep and steal the bike when you are away, removing it from the locked fork mounts require power tools and lots of time. Thieves can’t match the level of security that’s included in these forklifts.

The apparatus provides great value for money and can be bought online at less than $160, one also gets the added versatility of being able to use it together with factory crossbars.

Yakima is well-suited for cars with low roof heights, it gives owners the opportunity of not having to use the vehicle’s frames as their main attachment area. Hence keeping the bike in pristine condition for several years to come. If you own heavy bikes with 15 mm or 20 mm axles, then it would be appropriate to add adapters to your forklifts so that the excess width can easily be accommodated. This rack provides a wider capacity compared to others that are found in the market, it has longer clasps and can hook several bikes at once- not just one or two bicycles.


Yakima Forklift is definitely the best hitch bike rack in the world today, it has won numerous awards because of its versatility and rare ability to hook onto any kind of crossbar. Hence, the clamp is unlikely to become outdated even after purchasing a new vehicle. It’s also secure, stable and incredibly easy to put up. Being a hitch-mount type, the apparatus makes use of a standard hitch console though after-market receivers are still available for most vehicle types-even the small passenger ones.

You can use multiple vehicles, load and unload it or drive for 1000s of miles on highways/dirt roads without encountering any problems with the bike. Therefore, if you’re looking for a strong fork mount rack that can handle anything, and also complement your car’s original crossbars, look no further than the Yakima Forklift. It’s an excellent choice for trail bikes, free-ride and heavy downhill bikes.

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What is the best hitch bike rack ?

A Travel Hitch Bike Rack Is the Logical Choice Due to Gas Price Increases written by: Mitchele112 If you’re an avid biker, you probably already have a bike carrier. But you ask – what is the best hitch bike rack? Many of the older carriers are atop the vehicle. The top rack presents several problems of which one is drag. If you’ve tuned up your engine, inflated your vehicle tires and drove your car or truck a steady speed at the lower end of the speed limit to save gas, a bike rack on top of your vehicle can counteract all the planning and time spent to save gas money. For people traveling great distances, increasing your gas mileage by even a few more miles per gallon can save hundreds of dollars. The savings can pay for the hitch bike racks in just one trip.

What is the best hitch bike rack ?

what is the best hitch rack

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The bike travels behind your car rather than on top of it. This means there’s simply no additional drag that lops down your gas mileage. However, there are other benefits to the bike rack besides the additional gas mileage. These benefits include ease of handling and more protection for your bike.

The importance of larger vehicles such as SUV’s and trucks make the hitch bike racks even more important to the traveler. While mounting a bike atop a smaller car was no easy task, attempting to put the bike on top of a larger vehicle becomes even more difficult and often results in accidents and sore, stressed muscles.

A travel hitch bike rack is also far easier on the back than the traditional roof top vehicle racks. No matter how avid or in shape of a bicycler you are, lifting the bike to the top of the vehicle is still difficult and can result in stressing muscles. This is particularly true if you’re just beginning biking season and haven’t ridden for a while. Hitch bike racks are easier to load because they don’t require you lift the bike very high. Even those in the best shape often find this an effort during a trip.

The additional protection for the bike when it’s on a travel hitch bike rack occurs because the car takes the brunt of the abuse. Keeping your bike behind the vehicle protects it from road grit, bugs and dirt that can cling to chains in addition to creating the need to thoroughly clean seats before riding. You’ll love the extra protection from the wind that the travel hitch bike rack gives. While you might still carry cleaning supplies, the need to carry heavy-duty tar and bug remover is almost eliminated by the hitch.
If you’ve ever traveled where there’s a low clearance, you’ll love the new trailer hitch bike racks. Carrying a bike atop an SUV or truck often makes going under low bridges or into parking garages a hassle. These racks make the vehicle you drive too high for clearance. Of course, drive through fast food places are out of the question when the bike sits atop your vehicle. Out of habit, you might have tried driving through, forgetting the bike and ended up in a disastrous result.

The Best Top Rated Hitch Bike Racks In Market

- Top Rated Hitch Bike Racks:

To be factual, the most important factor to have in mind when searching for a bike rack is the size. The fact is that any rack ill-fitted to your vehicle remains highly dangerous. It can damage your bike and as well the vehicle. In fact, it can expose your bike to the chance of being stolen. During your speculation, you will be confronted with Roof racks, Hitch racks, Pick-up racks, Trunk-mounted racks, specialty racks, Spare-tire racks and just to mention a few. These options will make you get overwhelmed, but there are certain factors to consider prior to purchasing top rated hitch bike racks. Knowing how to use the rack is one great fact to understand. Safety, bike specs, quality, warranty, and budget are other great factors to consider as well. Is your quest on the top rated Hitch bike racks available in the marketplace? Reading through the rest part of this article will unleash certain models that last for a long time.

Thule 970XT Helium 2 Bike Hitch Carrier:

In most cases, you will find this product fitting on the back of your car. It can carry 2 bikes with an average weight of 35 lbs each. The Thule 970XT Helium Hitch is a perfect combination for cycling partners going on a trip with their bikes. It can as well be used on small cars having low towing strength. For a group of people or families willing to cycle together, this product can be easily installed. One great benefit of this bike rack is that it creates ease and safety that anyone will really love. It comes with the switch fold up arms feature. This will make you get the product easily from the way. On hatchback vehicles, this bike rack remains a great design to use. It is made of sturdy steel carrying black powder coat finish. The No-sway cage offers patented prevention of bike-to-bike contact. It also displays high-quality T3 cradles for the ultimate in stability.

Allen Sports Deluxe 3-Bike Hitch Mount Rack:

Another amazing top rated hitch bike rack is Allen Sports Deluxe. This product can easily convey 3 bikes at the same time with maximum security. Even while the task may seem impossible, the Allen Sports model 532RR Deluxe will always offer the best response. The product is also easy to use and perfect for three bikes. With respect to Allen Sports experience, they have been rated among the best rack carriers today. The product will give you an avenue to protect your bike and as well vehicles. The patented Allen tie-down system keeps your bike safe, time and again. It comes with a lifetime warranty. It unleashes fold carry arms drop out feature when not in use. With all these features, you can rely on the efficacy of the named product.


There are other top rated hitch bike racks in the market with quality results. It is important to know that hitch bike racks come with several benefits. Purchasing the right product will help you to experience total solace and comfort. You can give it a try now.

Choosing the best hitch bike rack for your car

Finding a hitch mount bike rack should never be a problem at least not while there are so many brands out there in the market today. The best hitch bike rack for the money is that one which suits your specific needs. These racks come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your car’s needs as well as that of your bicycles. There is no way you will buy a rack for four bicycles while you only want to carry two of them.

best hitch bike rack for the money
Generally, hitch bike racks are highly favored by many people nowadays, over the roof mount racks. This is because they allow you to carry large loads and still leave plenty of headroom for your car to access places with low clearance such as garages. Loading and unloading cargo is also so much easier because you will be working for a lower height than the roof top.

Selecting the best rack

As aforementioned, there are very many bike racks for you to choose from. The best of them all is definitely that which serves you right. There are, however, some key factors you have to consider before you buy that rack you are thinking of getting. Here are some tips on selecting the best hitch bike rack:

• Vehicle compatibility

Is your car compatible with that hitch mount bike rack that has stolen your heart? It is not logical to change your car just because you have bought a bike rack. There are some things you will have to check for in your car including the receiver opening. Most receiver openings will either come as 1 ¼” by 1 ¼” or 2” by 2”. Racks are designed in such a way that they will fit either one or both sizes of the receiver. Secondly, you have to consider the class of the receiver.

The ground clearance of your vehicle will also affect the rack that you will get. If you drive a car with a very low clearance, you might want to reconsider the hitch mount rack and go for a roof mount bike rack instead.

hit mount rack• Compatibility of the bikes

Hitch mount bike racks come in a variety of styles. You have to consider the style that will be best suited for your bike frames and transportation as well. There are the dual arm racks which are perfect for the standard-frame bicycles.

The single-arm racks on the other hand support both standard and alternative frames. The bike is supported by one cradle, unlike the dual-arm which has two cradles for the bike.
The wheel-mount and the V-shaped racks cradle the wheels of the bicycle. They are the best when you are dealing with bicycles of different sizes.

• Vehicle accessibility

You should be able to access the back of your car. If accessing the trunk is very important to you, there are hitch bike racks that are not permanently fixed to the back. Even with the bicycles secured onto them, you can always access the back. The swing-away rack is undeniably the best as it offers unlimited access to the back of the car.